Topic: 'Pass-through' requests

Sometimes, people have a project website somewhere, which they would like to share with the RC community. At the moment they would probably create an exposition paste some text in there with a URL to their project in effect duplicating metadata. We could have a new type of object (a 'work') which would contain metadata as had but like an exposition show a button 'Go to site' (or something similar) which would allow to directly open that page.

I can see the problem that less people might be using the RC for the materials themselves, I still see more advantages - less redundant data, more integration of interesting external projects - there's lots around which RC users cannot find. (Would even be better if those could be harvested, but that is a different question.)

This would be a minor development which would help complete a researcher's profile and add materials to our community.

What do you think?

Re: 'Pass-through' requests

It is already possible to create an exposition, were the first page is an iFrame that completely replaces the exposition weave. The workflow is not very intuitive though, since a user has to create an exposition first and then add the link in the page settings. I think it would indeed be preferred to have a new "Work" type that is an external website.

Re: 'Pass-through' requests

yes, I agree.