Topic: svg-files – bug?


I'm trying to upload a svg-file to an exposition. It's an arrow I have made in Illustrater.

I don't get any error message when I upload it, but only half of the arrow gets visible in the image-box and I can't resize it. It's even difficult to delete the whole image because it gets "frozen". I need to click everywhere on the workspace to finally be able to delete the image.

I don't get any problems when I upload the same arrow as a jpg or png. I have also tried with other svg-files, and I always have the same problem.

I'm using Firefox and a Mac.

Can you please help me? I don't want to save the arrow as a jpg or a png becuase the image gets "blurry".

Thank you!


Re: svg-files – bug?

Ok, Firefox was the problem. Svg works fine with Safari!