Topic: Full screen view for embedded videos

As I still struggle to upload large video files, I have chosen to embed them from Vimeo. This works fine for the time being, except that the fullscreen option in their player is not allowed on RC - the html snippet is stripped away from the code as it is copied in.
Maybe there is a good reason for this! But I wonder if it wouldn't be good to have the possibility as a reader.

Re: Full screen view for embedded videos

I think not having a full screen option in the iframe is a restriction from Vimeo and not from the RC. The fact that embedding vimeo is possible is more of a side effect of allowing iframes in the HTML tool rather than a supported feature.

This is about to change, however, since we are currently testing an "embed" tool, that should be more user friendly way of embedding videos. It would also support YouTube, SoundCloud, Prezi & Madek and so on (for portals that allow embedding of course !). I do not think we can really support full screen vimeo within the RC though, since this may get us into trouble with Vimeo. I would have to see what their policy is exactly on embedding.

The large video upload problem has been bugging us and the developers for a long time, especially since we have trouble reproducing it (I just uploaded a 1.7 gigabyte video file without problem).

Re: Full screen view for embedded videos

Vimeo does in principle allow video embeds with a fullscreen option. … yer#colors
But it seems to be a technical issue between a number of platforms.
I would of course prefer to have my videos uploaded at the RC! I just have to many long clips on the exposition I'm working on … 1/100/7750 so when deadline was closing in on me and I couldn't make it work I had to find another option. :-(