Topic: portal user management

In the admin area, the page 'users' due to its size gets more and more difficult to work with. Is there  a way to simplify it to load quicker - e.g. just a search box that also allows partial terms plus placeholders and a bottom 'show all' just in case?

Mostly, one will search for a name to see if a potential reviewer already has an account. One could enter part of the name (last name?) and find a few matches - more in not needed in most cases...

Re: portal user management

Currently, you can already use the normal search to find (non-hidden) users.
In the soon to launch overhauled RC, there are some improvements made to user management: if you type in the "First Name" while registering a new user, the RC will already try to find/autocomplete users that exist. This should reduce the chance of accidentally creating a double account. In the new system, users can be added to a portal instead of first having to find the user in the general rc user list and changing the portals they are member of in their details.

In addition, users will be able to request inclusion in portals through their own profile page.