Topic: Audio and player functionalities

Many tools and functionalities have been added to the RC last years, but there are some things that seem to remain pretty basic. I am thinking of the audio player, which basically is capable of one thing, - to play audio. Before diving into a Feature request of stuff I find a natural need for myself, I wonder if there are very different views on the following:

1. An audio player in RC should/could have wider possibilities to connect text, graphics, images and other to the timeline of the player.
2. A comment function (like the one we know from e.g. Soundcloud) would be a fine way for readers, reviewers and supervisors to engage in the material presented.
3. A player should/could have extended settings as to how and when to start, following certain actions from the one who is reading an exposition.
4. Is it, in the RC context, sufficient with only the stereo track version in an audio player, or could we think of some multichannel use in the future? And then, an interactive mixing functionality?

These are maybe just a few, although maybe not the most important things for a development, I post them here, hopefully they can start a discussion on where we would like to see the sound being dealt with futurewise.

Re: Audio and player functionalities

see my reply on, we may actually solve this problem with a generalised slideshow functionality.