Topic: sharing expositions anonymously


I am currently writing a paper that discusses a performance.
Documentation of that performance is shared in one of my RC publications. However, this paper needs to be anonymized for peer review, so I can not just refer to that exposition. I am now trying to make a new exposition with just the video documentation, but on the top 'pop-up' bar, my name is visible.

Is it possible to share an RC exposition anonymously?


Re: sharing expositions anonymously

I think I found it!
I put Anonymous in the 'author pseudonym'
Would it be possible to add a sentence about this in the guide just so it is more easily searchable?
(I was searching for anonymity, not for pseudonyms)

Re: sharing expositions anonymously

Hello Tijs,

Pseudonym can be used to change your usual name to another, however, it does not anonymize (!) an exposition in a double blind kind of way, as the name will still be visible in metadata. It's function is for publishing for a group or something that you are not really the author of, but not really to be anonymous.

There are alternatives though:
1. It is possible to have an anonymous account where we apply an alias instead of your real name,
but this has to be arranged with, you will need to provide an alternative email address if you do not want your real name account use this alias as well.
2. It is possible to have a double-blind review in a portal review workflow.

Note that copyright fields will not be hidden if used and that SAR admins will always be (and need to be) able to see the real author because in case of copyright troubles, we need to be able to identify the "real" author.

Casper Schipper