Topic: Video upload time?


I am trying to upload video documentation to my exposition:

The files are relatively long (15 - 20 minute range)
and between 10GB and 15GB in size

The files do not pop up in the media repository after many hours of uploading.
I want to avoid going even further down in quality. The upload dialog also does
not give me any information if anything is happening. Anything I should check?


Re: Video upload time?

Hi Tijs,

These filesizes may be problematic and is over what we usually expect in RC. However, I think the first important question is: are you planning to use these in an exposition or display them just as a public set?

If you are using them in an exposition, at this point in time, there is not much point in uploading large video files into the RC, since all videos are transcoded in expositions to a much smaller size anyway, to save bandwidth. Since transcoding is quite a large cost for the RC, we currently only transcode to a single quality instead of providing different options for different bandwidths, although we are considering more flexible options in the future (for example, allowing people to do their own transcoding), since the current standard is not always sufficient for all research purposes.

The media repository does keep the originals and you can always download them as such later but comes with the implicit understanding for providing "unlimited" space is that you will use uploaded materials in an exposition at some point (we understand that this may take a long time).