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Topic: Default copyright option (media)

Hi there,

recently, the default copyright / license option when uploading media has changed from 'All rights reserved' to 'public domain'. I think this is a very bad change, because now you have to be extra careful and basically flip that setting for every image uploaded. I think it's an unreasonable default assumption and it can lead to uploading media with accidentally marking them as 'public domain' when they are not.

I think the default should be reverted to 'All rights reserved', or a CC BY-NC-SA. Or even make it impossible to confirm the dialogue without explicitly checking the license.

Best, .h.h.

Re: Default copyright option (media)

Hi Hanns,

Thank you for noticing this: this change was actually unintentional. The default should have been "all reserved" (for media files). There could be some arguments for making it CC-BY-NC-SA, but I think it is slightly safer to have "all rights reserved", since as far as I understand copyright, that is implied anyhow when no license is included. It logically makes more sense. I will have it changed back immediately.

Re: Default copyright option (media)

It has been corrected now. Thanks again for notifying us!