Topic: The portal page

We click on the portals list right side column on RC and get directed to a place where a pretty big logo dominates the window. Could these images be scaled down so to get more of the portal's latest activities visible?
See e.g. KC The Hague or Norw Art Res Prog for reference.
Or is the best solution to provide an image which is relatively large in width and small height, like the one Journal of Sonic Studies have used?

Re: The portal page

Wider logo's are a solution, but most logo's tend to have a square ratio, so I do not think this works for all portals.
I do agree that they take up too much space, currently, we are at risk that people miss the actual content within a portal.

As an alternative solution, I propose we set a maximum height for the display of the logo (somewhere between 150px-200px, have to test) and extrapolate the width from that.

Re: The portal page

Agree. I made an image where our (10x15) logo figurates on a wider white space. Excited to see whether that makes a solution.