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Topic: Split HTML tool


another feature that I think would be useful: A way to split an existing HTML tool (in graphical editor) at a selected cursor position. Often I want to insert visual space between two paragraphs (that have been entered in the same tool), for example for a figure, or to move the bottom paragraph to a different "column". The way to do this now, is duplicate the HTML tool, move the duplicate aside, then delete the lower paragraph in the old box, and delete the upper paragraph in the duplicate.

Best, .h.h.

Re: Split HTML tool

Again, very useful suggestion! I think for many users this would make their life easier :-). I would suppose that if TinyMCE exposes an API for tracking the position of a cursor in the WYSIWYG editor in the source HTML, this may be a trivial feature to add, when we upgrade to the newest TinyMCE. There would also be some work however in cleanly splitting HTML (since HTML cannot be split just by breaking the source in two, it could be in the middle of an <p> or <div> for example.). I think one way to deal with that it always splits outside of any block.

I could also imagine another route, where one completely sidesteps the TinyMCE and provides a special editing mode to split the HTML source that only shows the "possible" locations where the tool can be safely split (again outside of blocks), would you think that would still solve your problem?