Topic: Project Deleted by mistake

Dear Forum, in a collaborative project it seems someone has by mistake deleted the project, it's still visible, I can also still edit it but it's now visible at the bottom of the list of my different projects, marked grey + show [bin] and also doesn't have the possibility to be published.
I managed to save a copy as a snapshot that has the possibility to publish again but also the copy seems to be in the bin. Happy for clues how to move it out of the bin. Best Charlotta

Re: Project Deleted by mistake

Dear Charlotta,
Thanks for contacting us!
The exposition was not deleted but made private. The grey color means that the exposition is private and is now only visible to its authors.
In addition, it seems that the ownership of the exposition has been changed from you to another author. Only the owner of the exposition can share, publish or submit the exposition to publication. Therefore, the options of "share" and "publish" do not appear now in your profile.
I hope this helps!
Best wishes,
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