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Hi! How can I change color and style of text? Have searched and searched but can't find how.

See: (I want to make the text pink not black...)



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Hi Sonia,

the simple text tool has, as the name suggests, not so many options to customize the text.
What you want is the HTML tool. It is possible to "upgrade" your simple text to HTML tools, to get these extra options.

To do this:
- right click the tool (or CTRL+click on Apple computers)
- convert to HTML tool
- double click the tool to edit it
- click "show toolbars" button (it is the colored box at the top left).
- now you will have a much more customization options, like color.
For screenshots of this, please see:

If you want even more options: the HTML tool allows you to edit the HTML directly, which gives even more customization, but in that case you will need to check

Re: text - customize