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Is it possible to save the style of an object (thinking of the html one in particular) and apply this to new objects - e.g. background colour, border etc. I have tried, but just seems to save the text content

Thanks in advance


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Hello Jim,

The RC does not really the exact functionality you describe, but there are two methods that should help:

There is an option to set tool defaults: by clicking the icon of the tool you want to change in the toolbar once. You can set the default size and style (background, padding etc..) of new tools. Note: before you can save the template, the tool will require a name. Now all the new tools you make will have the default setting. It will not effect older tools.

Alternatively, if you need more flexibility, you can actually also use normal tools as a kind of "prototype". The way I do this is by creating a special page within the exposition (not exposed to the reader) with empty tools styled in the way you need, then copy paste these whenever you want to use such a template/prototype. If you keep that "prototype" page open in a separate (or pinned) browser tab, you can copy paste without the need to switch (and wait for loading of) pages.

hope this helps!

Re: Style templates

Thanks Casper

Ah great idea about the "prototype page" - I was sort of coming around to thinking of something like that, but your way of doing it is very nice.

Just wondering how do you make that page private - do you just mean that it isn't referenced in table of contents and you have no hyperlinks to it.

Re: Style templates

Yes, the page can stay private just by not referencing it anywhere.