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Topic: Recommended browser


What browser is recommended for graphical editing of expositions?

I am using chrome, but seems to be occasional odd behaviour - e.g. when selecting colour for object background sometime the colour palette does not appear. Sometimes I am unable to submit changes to text in the html editor

Many thanks


Re: Recommended browser

Hi Jim,

The RC is intended to work on the mayor browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge. The graphical editor only works on desktop-like computers. All the mayor browsers have their little quirks and also some minor visual differences in how RC looks and works. I don't think I can really recommend one over the other. I tend to use Firefox myself, but the developers themselves and most others use Chrome.

I think I experienced the problem with the color picker as well, and will report it as a bug. I suspect is due to the browser auto-filling the field, which somehow "sabotages" the appearance of the picker, but will have to check! Thanks for reminding me of the issue :-)

The second issue sounds a bit more serious, if it occurs again, it may be useful to us to have the particular HTML so we can check if there is some conflict there. I don't think it is your browser, it may be your connection, but cannot rule out an issue with the RC itself, so we would be curious to know when it occurs! You can send any problem-causing HTML to support@researchcatalogue.net.

Re: Recommended browser

Thanks Casper

I think I will stick with Chrome if that's what the developers use

Yes the colour picker issue seems to be related to the auto-filling and I had similar issues with Edge. It seems intermittent, but I will try and work out if there is a pattern to it. Sometimes you can just see the picker beneath the auto-fill and select it, but sometimes it never appears.

Re being unable to submit changes. I had this a few times again this morning, I think maybe it was only occurring within an html object that I had copied. I will try to confirm that.