Topic: Importing tables

I have been trying to import an excel table file to the RC, and found this part from the text editor -part of the Extended Guide:

"You can import documents from text editors like Word (.docx), Libre/Open Office (.odt), HTML and several other formats. Not all styling is supported but images, footnotes, tables and most other structural features of the text are."

But how? I have my table as a HTML file as well, but didn't find a way to import it. And is it also possible in graphic expositions?

Thanks a lot if anyone can help!

Re: Importing tables

To import a Word document in the text based editor, you click the [ import doc ] button. When the upload finishes, the document content will be converted into Markdown ( and appended to the end of your current content. If there are tables within the word document, it should be converted into an HTML table. If a table has very unusual cell layout this may cause problems though, since the Pandoc conversion that is used simplifies the table. Excel cannot be imported directly at this point, but you can try to import your table from Excel into a Word document and import that. :-)

Alternatively, if you have a HTML version of the table, you could directly copy paste the HTML source (for example by copying the HTML source from your browser: This works because Markdown allows any HTML to be inside of your text, as long as you surround it by newlines, like so:

<tr><td>cell 1</td><td>cell 2</td></tr>
<tr><td>cell 1</td><td>cell 2</td></tr>

It is also possible to import Word documents into the graphical editor, by importing it as a document in Simple Media. Please read the full description here: … ia-upload, especially the part concerning paragraph height in CSS. The word document is converted to a folder of HTML tools and Picture tools, which will than have to be dragged to your canvas manually.

As an alternative, in the HTML tool, there is a button "HTML" where you can directly edit HTML source of that tool, which would allow you again just as with markdown to paste directly any HTML source,

If none of this works, be sure to send you word doc to so we can have a look!