Topic: "Pause other videos" without sending them back to zero.

I have a few videos on a page, one of which is a "master" and the others are interruptions that the user can look at in the middle of watching the master video.

I would love it if they could watch the interruption, thus pausing the master, then after that video finishes, continue to play the master video again from where it was playing.

Right now the default behaviour is for the interruption to stop the master, and revert it to the start.  The same thing happens with the sync button's "pause other videos" option.

[Also - seems like RC is responding slowly today.  I'm in Vancouver so pretty far away, maybe that's the issue.]

Re: "Pause other videos" without sending them back to zero.

Thanks for the suggestion, we'll add this to our lists of features for the next round of updates. Wether it is possible, may depend a bit on what the used video plugin (JWPlayer) allows us to control.

Regarding your speed issue, are all the pages slow for you in the RC, or just the editor?

Re: "Pause other videos" without sending them back to zero.

Hi Casper,

(It seems to all be working again now speed-wise, so I can't answer your question anymore... might have been my connection that day).

What I'm trying to do might not be possible in that exhibition, which is too bad but understandable.  There's two things that don't seem to be possible...

The problem I explained above trying to get the paused videos to play again from where they left off is one... but also, if they figure out to jump back to the spot in the video where they left off, the arrow in the other video doesn't jump with it.  So the arrow which is meant to tell them which video clips to look at at certain points in the main video, doesn't line up after the first one they watch.

The sync tool only starts the videos in sync, it doesn't keep them in sync!  Too bad.  But I can understand it's a non-trivial programming issue... I'm trying to do something which is admittedly complicated.