Topic: fonts, size and kind


I have a question concerning fonts.
Is it true, that there are only like 5-6 possible fonts to choose between, when writing a text?
And the same for the kind of font you wanna use?
Is there a feature, that allows you to work with more possibilities?

Carina Randløv

Re: fonts, size and kind

Dear Carina,

extending the font possibilities is something that currently is on the list to be developed.

However, until that feature is implemented, it is already possible to import your own fonts, by using an @import statement in the raw css* of a page.

Below an example, using a google font called "Lato":

/* import the font from google */
@import url(',400i,700');

#container-weave, #container-editor {
   font-family: 'Lato';


the above CSS will actually display all default style text within the page with the 'Lato' font.

You can also use more specific CSS to only style headers or paragraphs for example:


#container-weave, #container-editor h1 {
   font-size: 32px;
   font-family: 'Lato';


This replaces headers with a 32px Lato font.
More info on the font-family property:
You can find many more fonts here:, which are all copyright free.

Use "font-family" with care, though, it is not safe to simply set "font-family" to any font without including it with @import first.
Problems will arise when the viewer doesn't have a font installed that you do have on your computer, which may result in your exposition looking completely different on the viewers computer, also positions may go off, because the replacement font is a different size.

* to edit raw css:
1. go to page tab
2. click the pencil icon
3. switch to style tab
4. scroll down to "raw css"