Topic: video files, using transparent background, .png


I have tried to upload videos in RC, with a tranparent background, to be able to work with video-animated material, that is not working with a frame-a box(like normal video material).
But it always seem to end with a box-video, also when I use videos that have transparent background.

Is there a feature, that makes it possible to have fx a person(filmed on green screen, and then keyed out) to appear on the RC as just that person, with no background?

Carina Randløv

Re: video files, using transparent background, .png

Dear Carina,

I don't believe we can provide this soon, since support for transparent video within the major browsers is, unfortunately, very limited: only Chrome has some sort of native suppport, Firefox requires using the HTML5 canvas but is CPU heavy, Safari has no support.