Topic: How to publish?

I am looking through the instructions and all the interface pages and I can't figure out how to publish or share an exposition. 

The instructions seem to indicate a need to individually share each object in the exposition - but that can't be right.

Also, the hamburger menu on my profile page has no option for share: … ddCGdYRog#


Re: How to publish?

Dear Flick, thank you for your question and screenshot!

Based on your screenshot, I think the reason there is no option to publish is because you are a co-author in the exposition.
Only the original owner (the user that originally created the exposition) can publish an exposition.

It is possible for the original owner to transfer the main authorship to one of the co-authors through edit details -> collaboration tab, in that case you would become able to publish that exposition.

Re: How to publish?

Ah!  Makes sense, thank you.  I keep forgetting that author /= co-author