Topic: How do Zip files work?

Hi everyone!  Love the RC format, and how it works.

I was wondering what zip files do in this interface?  I uploaded one, but I'm not sure if I've got the settings right or what they are meant to do... is this a form of batch uploading to the RC or is it just so that readers of the exposition can download thezip file and open it locally?

I would love a batch-upload function.

The instructions don't seem to mention zip files anywhere...

Re: How do Zip files work?

Hi Flick, thanks for your comment!
Regarding the zip files. The possibility of uploading zip-files is actually a legacy of the old version and does not have a proper use. It will be removed.

Re: How do Zip files work?

The zip option (within works and simple media) is a 'relic' from an older 3D object tool that has recently been removed.
It used a zipped folder of numbered images to enable the reader to view an object from different angles. We are moving towards a better solution for this (using HTML5).

However, I agree that a faster way of uploading multiple files would be very useful, have added it to the feature request list and discuss this with my colleagues.

Re: How do Zip files work?

Ok thanks!

A small note - I am not sure of your server situation but after uploading files I decided they were too big and so I uploaded some smaller ones... and now I feel guilty using all that HD space!  A bulk system would facilitate deleting some of those files as well, haha.

Re: How do Zip files work?

No worries, unless it is terabytes, we have quite a bit of space smile