Topic: Replacing a file can break the whole page

I have been uploading pdf's, putting them in my exposition, and then putting a custom thumbnail image.

(Choosing a preview image doesn't allow you to type in a name and search, unlike all other "add media" interfaces, btw)

The problem is that I have changed a thumbnail and uploaded a new one with the same name.  To work around some clunkiness in the interface (I can't upload a new thumbnail in the "change preview image" interface) I went to a new editing window, deleted the old thumbnail and re-uploaded a new thumbnail in the media interface.

Back in the original editing window, in the "preview image" tab, I removed the old image, then chose the new image (which has the same name) and clicked "submit."  I got blinking dots and then it never finished.  I tried reloading the page and now it says "an unexpected error occurred" on both the edit and preview pages.

My whole page has disappeared!


Re: Replacing a file can break the whole page

I'm sorry to hear of your trouble !

I have reported the problem and your description to the developers,
will contact you as soon as I have news from them.

I have also asked them to add some checks to avoid the problem in the future.

Re: Replacing a file can break the whole page

Nice work, everything works now!