Topic: A few questions

Hi there, I am making and exposition and have a few questions:

1. Is it possible to avoid having the menu bar pop up on every page for a while before it fades out? Its very disturbing! Can it rather only be available of the users hover their mouse at the top of the page?

2. Can the html editor be bigger? it's trickyto work with text in it when so small.

3. In order to get 1.5 line spacing and so on, is the raw css style the place to do this? Thats how I did it.

4. Can one add captions to images or videos or does that have to be inserted as a text tool?

Thank you!

Re: A few questions

Hi Thorolf,
answering your questions
1. It is not possible. The poping up of the bar is to show the viewer, who may not be an RC user herself, the exposition information and menu.
2.The HTML editor text size is fixed, but you can increase the zoom of your browser to make it bigger and be able to work on it.
3. It is the right place if you want the 1.5 line spacing for the whole page. If you want it only for a text or paragraph it is better to use "edit HTML source" of the HTML tool and use span. For example  <span style="line-height: 1.5em;"> text </span>
4. Unfortunately, it is not possible. It has to be inserted as a text or htmll tool.
I hope this helps.
Happy Holidays!