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How do you set the overall size of a page (weave). It seems to be set automatically to encompass all objects, but the amount of space beyond the edges of the objects seems to be random. I would have thought the edge of the weave should align with the far edges of the objects exactly unless a page padding is set

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The weave size is not random, but rectangular and defined in width and height by the furthest right border and bottom border of the furthest tool(s). It is also at least the size of the viewers screen. Another way to put it, is that no tool can ever be outside of the weave, since the weave size grows just enough to make them fit.

When a tool is moved by dragging, the size of the grid will only be increased when it is dropped.

I sometimes use empty (thus invisible) text tools to push borders a bit, which is sometimes necessary to get position links to work correctly.

Re: Size of weave

Thanks Casper for this and your other answers.

Sorry I wasn't clear before. What I meant was that on some pages I have the weave being bigger than the screen and bigger than the furthest tool plus the page padding. So bigger than it should be according to how it should work. It's only by about 100 pixels so not really a great deal.

Now I have solved the problem. There was something odd about one of the images. Looking with photo app (windows 10) it looked to be in portrait orientation, but when imported it was landscape. So I rotated it. It was near the edge of the weave and the extent of the weave appeared to be where it was when the image was unrotated.

Anyway it doesn't matter now as I have corrected the image, although I am not sure if there is some bug?

Re: Size of weave

PS - I have just checked this out in a new test exposition.

I can confirm that if I import an image with landscape orientation, please it so it is the further right tool on the page, then rotate it to be vertical (portrait) orientation, then the edge of the weave is still at the place it was when the image was in the original orientation.

I guess this isn't such a big deal, but probably would be better if the edge of the weave responded to the new orientation