Topic: Some features requests / suggestions

Ability to copy and paste styles from one object to another.

Ability to align objects

Ability to lock multiple selection of objects e.g. you might want an image caption to always move with the image - or a group of images to stay together (would need to be able to unlock) - I realize you can do multiple selections by holding down ctrl (windows)

Ability to lasso select a group of objects

Make option selections "sticky" e.g. option to snap to grid - seems like I have to reselect that every time

Many thanks


Re: Some features requests / suggestions

Hi Jim,thanks for sharing this.
Group selection and alignment was actually planned at one iteration of redesign, but we had to cut it then for budgetary reasons at that instance. It is anyway good that you bring these up again, I agree they are very important to make editing more efficient.
We keep a list of these types of ideas here in our "logbook":
https://societyforartisticresearch.gith … org527144d