Topic: Too many videos freezes.

So one last problem (I hope) before this exposition is done.

I have a number of videos that I can play on the page.  I have them set to pause when I play another one.

BUT when several videos are open at once, even if they are paused, then further videos stop working.

Here's video of the phenomenon, it happens at around 1:20 of this clip: … Aw9GIe6KbO

I can leave instructions to refresh the page, which solves the problem but... not ideal.

What I would love (don't know if it's possible) would be to have the ability to reset the vids I'm not watching, back to their thumbnail state.  Or a way to clear the cache of the paused vids so they don't keep eating up memory while they are paused and I'm watching something else.

I imagine this is a tricky programming question... might be best solved in my instructions, tell people to refresh the page if videos won't load...


Re: Too many videos freezes.

OK! I get it now.  "Stop other videos" option in the video tool will prevent this problem... however it then jumps back to the beginning of that video if you go back to it.  So having multiple vids open so you can go back to them isn't an option.

Not a bad solution, I just need to decide which I prefer.