Topic: Image file won't load

I seem to have a bug with a background image on my exposition.

It was working fine a while ago, but seems to have stopped working now.

My picture tool starts loading an image, and then stops partway down, showing instead a broken image icon in the top-left of the tool.

This happens in edit mode and preview mode.

I tried it in Chrome and Firefox on OSX and both experience the same issue.

I also restarted my computer and this didn't help.

Here's a video of what's happening (the last bit is when I reloaded the whole page with cmd-R): … YUpPN4wYrD

Re: Image file won't load

Interesting - I replaced the image with a much smaller image.  Then it worked.  And when I zoomed out (cmd-minus) then it switched back to my original image by itself and worked fine.


Re: Image file won't load

Dear Flick,

could you mail me the image file that triggered the issue, so we can make sure there is no general issue ?

many thanks in advance!

Re: Image file won't load

Hi Caspar,

I can't remember if I replied to this or not, but I'm pretty sure I was just using too large of a TIFF image.  I wanted some transparency but didn't know a PNG would do the same trick in a much smaller file size.

I'm not sure i can remember now which image was causing the problem...