Topic: Can videos be repurposes for other expositions?

If a video has been uploaded as part of one exposition, can it then be used in another exposition as well, or is it fenced in with the exposition that it first was uploaded as part of? Thanks!

Re: Can videos be repurposes for other expositions?

I got the following answer off list:

The intended method for file reuse between expositions is through "Works". Works are a collection of one or more files representing an artwork, the files of which can also be used within one or more expositions (and even be shared).

The workflow is like this:

1. Create a work on your profile, you need to fill in some meta-data (author, copyright etc...), note that the media tab is not available submit.

2. Open the newly created work (edit details in the ☰ on the object), the media tab has now become available, you can upload your file there.

3. Open your exposition, In the workspace editor go to works tab, open the work, drag and drop your file onto the canvas.

There are (of course) plans to simplify the flow around works, since as you can see there are quite some steps involved,
however, for large files, I think it should still save you a significant amount of time.

Regarding disk space, it may not even be so much an issue, since the RC backend should actually detect when a file is exactly the same (the conversion step requires RC to pay a small amount per file, so we try to minimize conversions already).

Re: Can videos be repurposes for other expositions?

I was just about to post this, thank you!

The entry on "Works" in the extended guide of the RC has been updated as well.