Topic: search function

I am trying to work out how the search is supposed to be used. Say I am looking for myself, I type in s, c, h - and get a list of possible hits, including "primary school" but not my name and no way to scroll down. In terms of words, we are presented with a motley crew of things, if not to say a random set, which in itself is strange. Then I type in w and the list disappears, so apparently 'schw' does not return any hits. Likewise for 'borgdorff', I don't get any hits, while 'bor' works and I know Henk is on the RC. It is not that it stops at 3 letters, since 'Nietzsche' for instance work, but then, Nietzsche is perhaps not a user. Something is VERY strange here.

I would expect a list of priorities - so the first letters entered would be at the beginning and not somewhere else in a term. Ideally, if there is a library that runs on the index, perhaps most there is a way of telling what was most retrieved? Without this, the 'autocomplete' doesn't make too much sense.

This also relates to an issue with the results I see. So, say, I entered 'schwab', the first hit is something by Emily Huurdeman. I am co-author in the 3rd and 4th hit, but never as author in this list. Finally, under 'users' I can see my thumb.

I think this issue needs some action. Not only does it not really help, it is actually misleading as to the presence of artists and their work.

Re: search function

I agree that the search results are not sufficiently relevant, especially when searching for more than a single word.
We are compiling a list of examples and will request the developers to improve the search algorithm.