Topic: Navigation menu - structural options?

Would it be a good idea to allow for some structuring of what is shown in the Navigation menu? Currently, as I understand it, it is indiscriminatingly showing every object on the page. Thus, to be able to find your way around, you would need to know what content is located where on the page.
What if it was possible to choose wether an object would be visible in the Navigation menu or not? E.g. in the individual Tool menu. That would clean up the view.
And then, the possibility to name the objects in the view, on mouse hovering for instance?

Re: Navigation menu - structural options?

Thank you for sharing this idea! For the upcoming editor/GUI redesign, we have planned to turn the representation of the Navigation Map into minified version of the actual weave (so no longer squares and rectangles, but the actual images and other objects). In general, zooming of expositions will be better supported in the new interface.
Still, even in that new situation your idea may be useful, so we'll keep it in our minds !