Topic: Slide labels

The slide show could be extended by an html field per slide to be displayed above or below the respective slide. Here we could keep the labels what's actually on the pictures/slide. This means they don't need integrating in the images where there is so much loss in quality that text is really difficult to read if small.

Re: Slide labels

I think this is good idea, although probably the user should also be able to specify the size of the label.

It also brought me another idea: what about providing a tool for users to turn a weave itself into a slideshow ?
It would work like this: all the pages are put on a weave and the slideshow simply sequences the position offsets (like in the table of contents). This way you could turn any RC content into a slideshow.

Re: Slide labels

i assume that the size of the label will depend on the size of the tool minus the size of the image. i'd say that this is enough, but could also be done explicitly.

i like your idea but only as ADDITION. whenever a tool has a more complex logic, like the footnotes, it becomes really difficult for some. we should supply basic functions -