Topic: orienting photos in the block editor

I was having some issues with images in my block page and not being able to have my portrait images show correctly and automatically correct to landscape.

I e-mailed RC and got this response: Regarding the images on the block page. RC imports the original format of the image. If the format of the image is landscape, regardless of how the viewer displays it as a portrait, RC will import it as horizontal. To avoid that, change the image format to an image editor, not an image viewer.

But I don't know where or how to change the format to image editor. I tried every button I could find.

Re: orienting photos in the block editor

Dear Britta,

which program are you using and what kind of OS do you have (Windows, MacOs Linux ?).
The important thing is that you rotate the image before you upload it.

On Mac, you can rotate images with CMD+R within Preview (don't forget to save it after).

On Windows:
To rotate an image, open File Explorer, right-click the image, and select "Rotate Right" or "Rotate Left."
To rotate an image with the Photos app, open the image with the Photos app, select Edit Image, and choose a rotation option.
To rotate a photo with Paint, open the photo with Paint, select the Rotate option, and choose how you want to rotate the picture.

Re: orienting photos in the block editor

oh, prior to uploading. They are orientated correctly, at least according to my preview and when I open them. But I will try to change their format with my gimp program. That does make sense because some of the other photos I uploaded after where the correct orientation.

thanks for the help. I will get a work around somehow.