Topic: page not loading properly because of too many large images

As part of my exposition, I have created an image archive containing many large images. And while they load quite ok on my computer, other people using different browsers experience problems, with the page either not loading or loading extremely slowly, leading to an unsatisfactory experience. How can I rework the page to avoid this? Would reducing the size of the images help? Is it possible to reduce the size of all the images on the page at once? They are all the same size (width 1200 and height 800) and there is over 2000 of them. Also, I would like to keep the scale. But if I change the size of the images, they would appear smaller, right?

Re: page not loading properly because of too many large images

Reducing the size of the tools will help, but resizing them before uploading will not help much. The RC rescales images so they are optimized for the size in which they appear in your exposition. The important thing is that this works both ways, so if you upload a low resolution image, but stretch the tool up to a large size in your exposition, it will still be big in size. Otherwise it may be necessary to break things up in separate pages.

We have had experimental expositions before that were pushing the limits, for example: This exposition does not load on all computers, but given the experimental nature of the exposition, this was chosen to be a feature of it (by the journal editors and the authors). I think this is the trade-off you have to make: do you keep to the concept but accept that some people may not be able to view it, or do you compromise a bit so to enlarge the audience. Another option could be to make different variants, "light version"/"heavy version".

Re: page not loading properly because of too many large images

Thank you! I decided to archive the page for the future (of more capable browsers and powerful devices) and create an alternative design instead. Reducing the size of the tools, I feel, would lead to a compromised result which I wouldn`t be happy with and would still not be loading fast enough to offer a satisfactory experience.