Topic: Duplicate page (bilingual publication)

Hi, is it possible to duplicate a full page inside an exposition? I'm working on a bilingual exposition, and would like to duplicate the page and all its contents (media) so that I only need to replace the text. I know that we can create a snapshot of the exposition and then restore and edit it, but then it becomes a new exposition, and not a second page inside the same exposition, is this right? Thanks

Re: Duplicate page (bilingual publication)

Pages cannot be duplicated directly, instead:
select all tools on the original page (ctrl/cmd + a), copy them (ctrl/cmd + c)
create a new empty page, and paste: ctrl/cmd + v
is the quickest alternative.

This works only for the graphical editor, since if you do this on a block page, it pastes all tools in the one column.
A duplication function would make sense, so I have added it on our list of ideas, but it may take some time to materialize.