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I know we talked briefly about this in Vienna, but I don't recall what the "current approach" to this is now.
So for my previous project ALMAT, I could create a 'Project' entry on the RC:

This seems to have been "migrated" to 'polifonia-project', and so for example, I can no longer edit the details (the RC will just give me an error). No problem, I no longer need to edit this completed project.

Now I am beginning a new research project Simularr, which I would also like to act as an anchor for multiple expositions. For instance, in ALMAT, if I had an exposition, I could link it to the project:

This shows: "Related: Algorithms that Matter (project)"

Now, there no longer seems to be the possibility to create a project, only expositions and applications, or am I missing something? Is it possible to create a 'Project Simultaneous Arrivals', so that I can add bidirectional relations to particular expositions?


Re: Adding / linking to Research Project

Polifonia projects consists mainly of data once imported from an external source to make them searchable through the RC. It was also possible to create them "by hand", but this feature was not used a lot, and actually confused a lot of users, so we disabled it.

The current way to group expositions is to use the Group feature. A group can be created by portal admins.
A group ( contains both users (members) and expositions, but also has its own group  page with a description, title and status (similar to a project) and the list of expositions that are part of it. This group "profile" page is editable by the group admin. Once an exposition is connected to a group by the admin, the exposition will also mention the group on its own Metadata page: so, the link between Group and exposition is bidirectional.

So I think what you need is a Group, is the project you would like to create an overview for happening within one of the portal partners?

Re: Adding / linking to Research Project

Thank you Casper, yes the group feature seems to be precisely what is needed.

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It seems to work in principle, but there is still a bit of strangeness. For instance, the group is public, and I connected one exposition which is also public. Now it shows up:

But when I am _not logged into the RC_, the thumbnail of the exposition is not loaded, instead it's spinning and saying "Session expired". As if the thumbnail is somehow a private element?

(I don't know how to add a screenshot to this forum post??)

Re: Adding / linking to Research Project

Thanks for noticing! I cannot seem to reproduce the issue here. One explanation may be that it was a temporary side-effect of the recent resolution upgrade of the RC (and an outdated link to the logo persisting in the browser cache).
Can you try again and let us know?

(...regarding sharing images in this board: currently, this is not possible. I will see if it is possible to enable this)

Re: Adding / linking to Research Project

Thanks Casper, it seems resolved, I no longer observe this problem either.