Topic: fonts compatibility

I have formatted all the texts in my exposition to use Carlito font. I might have missed some bit because the editor keeps displaying warning that some fonts might not appear as intended. Is there a way to format all the texts in the exposition into Carlito at once to avoid this? The option suggested in the extended tutorial (Options > Edit metadata > compatibility) doesn`t work for me, I don`t have a compatibility tab there.

Re: fonts compatibility

Thank you for reporting this problem: the font migration feature is not available for newer expositions, it was created to solve an issue with older expositions. But from your example I can see how a similar feature would be very useful solving font issues.
I will try to see if we can provide this, but may take some time.

I have posted a little tool here to find all unsupported use of fonts in an exposition: … /
It is a little finicky, you have to paste a bunch of stuff in browser console, but it makes it easy to find all problems causing fonts.

Re: fonts compatibility

It took me a while to figure this out. Only after I downloaded Google Chrome, everything worked exactly as you described it. But hurray, it is sorted now. It was a single character (em dash) which caused the issue. A real needle in a haystack! Thank you for writing this! Super helpful, wouldn`t be able to manage the problem without it.