Topic: Uploading to my own web space - issues

Hi there!  I am loving the RC as always, and was wondering about downloading an exhibition and re-uploading to my own space.

It seems prohibitive to lock an exhibition in case some errors are found, so uploading to my own server seems smarter for my purposes.  I love that RC lets me do that.

BUT when I upload my rough exhibition, I get some "file not found" errors when playing video.  Even though the video plays, there's a popup which seems like RC code "An Error Occurred" with my web server's 404 page (Page Not Found), but as a floating pop up in the RC exposition!

Hard to explain but here's a video of the event.  I'm not sure how to make this go away.

And here's where I've uploaded my work temporarily:

(remove the spaces to see it) OurVoices/ pages/ 1575658.html?x=0&y=0#

Re: Uploading to my own web space - issues

Hello Flick,

Thank you for your information about this problem, very helpful!
I have reported the issue with the developers.

The cause of the issue: it appears that RC expositions determine their location (in javascript) by doing a check "window.location.protocol"===":file" and similar. If this test returns negative, the exposition assumes it is running from inside the RC and this causes wrong paths for media files and footnotes/popovers, hence you see the 404's. It can be fixed by hand if you are in a hurry, but better to wait for this to be fixed in the export itself. I will keep you posted!

Re: Uploading to my own web space - issues

Hello Flick,

the export has been adjusted, so expositions can now also be hosted on your own domain.
In my tests it works as expected now, can you try and let us know?