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Topic: Cursor position when switching to HTML source


probably only a small change - but it would be very helpful, if in the HTML tool, when switching from WYSIWYG to HTML source, the cursor position was automatically aligned, instead of moving the cursor to zero. In other words, when I'm in the editor on a text element, say an emphasis, and I want to go to HTML source to set the em's class attribute, I don't have to search through the entire HTML source to find the corresponding element.

best, .h.h.

Re: Cursor position when switching to HTML source

Yes, I agree this would be extremely useful! Both the HTML and text tools currently depend on TinyMCE.
But it is a rather old version, since it was extended to supply popover/footnotes functionality.
I noticed that the most recent version of TinyMCE does support tracking HTML syntax location
together with some other improvements concerning formatting tables, syntax highlighting the HTML etc..
So my hope is that this issue will be resolved when we upgrade.
The migration is not trivial though, so it may take some time before we can upgrade the editor.

But I have added this as one more important motivation to make the move :-)